White Truffle Mushroom that Still Grows After 100 Years

Button Mushrooms: This type of mushroom is the most common type of mushroom available in most supermarkets and is also known as white mushroom.

Always harvested when very young, this white truffle mushroom has a delicate, yet earthy flavor and is very easy to find as it is available year round.

If you are looking for a mushroom suitable for cooking, button mushrooms are the best option, because they have a mild flavor and a firm texture.

For a better flavor, you can use brown jelly.

You can use them in soup.When cooking them, remember that it should be a little watery; So, keep it in high temperature and large pan.

The interesting thing to keep in mind is that you can use the cap and its stems in different ways.The thickening of the stems results in doxel, which can have a constant layer of aroma and flavor.


Funnel mushrooms: Funnel mushrooms have a better flavor than other mushrooms.

They are earthy and very tasty.

Aged hopper mushrooms have a metallic taste; Therefore, it is better to keep it raw before cooking.

Since fennel mushrooms grow wild, they can be sold in special places and markets and farmers’ markets.

Always consult a microbe or fungus expert if you want to try them.

If you find champignons yourself, consider using them in pickles.

Beech Mushrooms: This mushroom, also called clamshell mushroom, has brown, crispy caps, and a sweet, nutty flavor. Cooking this type of mushroom is the best way to eat them.

If eaten raw, they have a bitter taste that you probably won’t like.

This mushroom is always known as beech mushroom.This mushroom is less known and grows in clusters and can be used cooked.

Its flavor is bitter and when it is cooked, it becomes sweet.So, if you plan to cook them to your liking, add some raw seasoning as wel

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