Using quartz stone attracts love and drives away negative energies

The Quartz

Physically, rose quartz has many properties. It is useful for preventing heart diseases, headaches, stomach problems and diseases caused by stress.

Also, the treatment of blood circulation, menstrual pains, thrombosis, heart attacks and solving any skin problems such as acne, wounds and wrinkles are among the properties of rose quartz.

how much is quartz worth ? Another use of rose quartz is to use this stone during pregnancy.

It can increase the health of the mother and the baby, relieve the pain of childbirth, increase breast milk and prevent postpartum depression.

Amazing rose quartz crystals have a great effect on energy vortices from underground water and can reduce electromagnetic pressure.

Therefore, it is useful to keep it next to the computer monitor or TV.

The Tile

One of the reasons for using tiles is the issue of durability and it is better to read floor tiles 2×2 price list to purchase tiles, the resistance of this material to natural disasters such as wind, rain, sun.

Chemical elements and physical actions and reactions are in the building.

The tile that is covered with glaze after the firing process is hard and check kajaria tiles price list 2022 for newest information about tile price impervious to water absorption due to the very resistant glass.

In addition to the proper strength of this material, other factors have also been effective in the use of tiles, including: 1- easy access to raw materials 2- harmony and alignment of tiles with bricks 3- geographical conditions including weather and natural resources 4- variety of colors and The flexibility of the tile.

Variety of colors and flexibility of tiles – As mentioned, bricks and tiles have a strange flexibility so floor tiles 4×4 price per box is different from other ceramics.

Also, these parts can be used in curves, arches and arches, such as moqrans decorations.

The important aesthetic element that Iran brought to mosque architecture is exterior and interior painting.

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