Toilet Floor Tile that Smelled Good and Controlled Heat and Cold

When the word toilet floor tiles comes to the ears of most people, the word ceramic tile is immediately evoked in their mind.

Of course, it is not surprising because ceramic tile is undoubtedly the most common coating used in architecture and decoration of residential and commercial places.

Ceramic tile has been used since 4000 BC in Egypt until The use of spaceships in the present era has a long history.are one of the types of durable tiles that you can see different designs of in the store or on the website.

Ceramic tile has a key role in the architecture of residential places due to the creation of a beautiful facade and as a common covering.

Tiles can be used in homes as wall decorations, on kitchen counters in restaurants, around bathtubs and showers, around fireplaces, etc.

Hot water and saunas make roofs, garden walls, decorated fronts of houses and even decorative patterns on the outer walls of houses beautiful.

The very wide spectrum of color, design, size and role of tiles makes it possible to design and decorate all types of traditional and modern buildings.

Tile, in a broader sense, refers to almost any small and thin unit with a geometric shape that is used in large numbers to cover surfaces.

This means that the tile is not necessarily made of ceramic. Flexible vinyl floor tiles and wooden parquets are two obvious examples in this field.

Many natural stones such as stone slabs, marble and striped marble are also used as tiles. Another name for these coatings is polished stones.

Unlike grooved paving stones with different shapes, sizes and thicknesses, polished stones are cut with special saws to different sizes and polished or rough.

Cement tiles, which are very similar to their ceramic models, are considered another type of tiles.The first examples of ceramic tiles go back to prehistoric times.

These rough and natural tiles are made of natural clay in a square shape and dry under sunlight.

More than 6000 years ago, probably in ancient Egypt, people realized that baking clay tiles in an oven makes them stronger and more resistant to water absorption. They mixed powdered plaster, sand, talc, mica or sand.

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