The venom of a tiger snake is ten times stronger than that of a rattlesnake

Land snakes often live in deserts and plains, mountains and bushes, under boulders and inside holes or on trees and sometimes in ditches or in river water. But sea snakes are not able to live in an environment other than sea water.

Of course, some types of sea snakes sometimes land on snakes in the philippines rocky shores and return to the sea. The compression and width of the tail area is one of the characteristics of sea snakes.

Land snakes often choose calm and quiet places to live. They hunt in the spring and summer, which is their activity and movement period, and in the winter they become lazy and go to hibernation, which is a characteristic of cold-blooded animals, especially in temperate regions.

From the appearance of the tail, the species of softener dispenser in lg washing machine the snake can be determined to some extent.

Snakes whose tails gradually become narrower are female and those whose tails become narrower once are male.

The most poisonous snake known: The snake that has the strongest tricot fabric venom is an Australian land snake, which according to calculations, the amount of venom that this snake injects in one bite is enough to kill 400 people.

The venom of a tiger snake is ten times stronger than that of a rattlesnake.

Another poisonous snake in Australia is Taipan snake. This snake is wall mounted closet height from floor 3 meters long and its color is brown and it has poison almost equal to tiger snake.

Also, sea snakes have the strongest poisons. These snakes are 2 meters long and mostly live in the Pacific Ocean.

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