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Removing sediment from the shower head is a simple task if you use Behrasht’s electromagnetic sediment remover. If the pores of the shower head are blocked due to sediment, there is no need to replace it.

be patient and be sure that this problem can be easily solved. Descaling the shower head is not a common task among families, and many of us do not know about it.

so we think that after the pores of the shower head are blocked due to existing sediments and the function of the head shower is disrupted.

the head shower has finished its life and is no longer effective. and must be replaced. But it is not. Removing sediment from faucets or basically any device that is in contact with water and water sediment is not a difficult task and it only requires knowledge and knowing how to do it. In this article, we try to provide you with information about the following topics:
What kind of sediment is it?
Deposits are usually made of calcium and sometimes magnesium.

These substances are among minerals and solutes that are soluble in water, which usually go out of solution due to temperature change and become snow-shaped crystals suspended in water.

These crystals have a high adhesive ability and for this reason they stick to each other and to the outer layer of the flow surface.

For this reason, when water flows in a path, the possibility of presence of sediment is very high, and it does not matter whether the flow path is inside a pipe or a piece of a car or a small hole in the bathroom faucet. Due to the presence of these minerals.

the water flow always leaves visible traces of rust, which are actually the sediments left in the flow path. For example, the trace that we see from the flow of rainwater near the entrance of the gutters on the roof is an example of this issue. Calcium deposits are usually difficult to remove.

and this has led to the use of dangerous and destructive methods to remove deposits, for example, to scale the bathroom shower head, which in turn causes the destruction and erosion of the equipment used and the life It has greatly reduced their usefulness. Considering the current inflation in the country.

it is economical and social to find a solution to eliminate sediments in a non-destructive way that does not cause erosion of used equipment, devices and parts. Also, the descaling of faucets should be done in the same way. In the following, we have explained about this topic.

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