Suffocation of a Child Due to Swallowing an Agate stone

Introduction of agate stone
In this article on the subject of agate stone , we discuss very important issues related to this stone, including the history of agate stone and information about its characteristics, as well as the types of agate along with their valuable properties, please stay tuned…

Agate stone is one of the semi precious stones that has had many fans among people since ancient times. In addition to its properties.

it is a stone that is recommended to be used in traditions and Islam. If you are looking to take advantage of the properties of agate, you can use a men’s agate ring or a woman’s agate ring.

History of opal stone
Agate is a type of gemstone that consists of quartz and Yemeni stone and has various types and colors. Opals typically form among metamorphic and volcanic rocks.

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Agate ring

How to form opal stone
Agate is a type of crystalline silica that is mainly chalcedony and is characterized by the fineness of the grain and the brightness of the color.



Agate begins with a cavity, an empty space in the stone. Water containing silica penetrates through the rock. The minerals in the water begin to crystallize. The larger the holes of the host, the greater the chance of producing this gem in larger sizes.

When you examine agate with a light microscope, you see that it is made up of fibrous crystals.

These materials deposited on the wall of the cavity form a thin layer of dense and circular silica layers, and sometimes these layers form flat layers from the bottom of the cavity upwards.

This layeredness is one of the characteristics of agate stone, which can be seen in different colors with impurities.

Variety of colors in agate
Agate stone exists in more than 30 colors and according to the color quality and the phenomena it shows, it is placed in the group of semi-precious stones.

Agate is found in red, brown, black, yellow, bluish gray and white colors. There are also stones that are considered part of the agate family due to their structural and physical similarity in trade, such as Soleimani or Chasmi agate (Babaqori), Shajari agate, and mossy agate.

Agate sources in the world
Agate stone is found in countries such as Yemen, India, Iran, China in red, yellow and white colors. Therefore, agate stone can be found in other regions, but the best type is Yemeni agate.

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