Queen Love Soap that was Found in the Ruins of a Building

The soap making industry has its roots in the last 2000 years. A queen love soap factory has been found in excavations in Bombay. However.

among many chemical industries, none have experienced such radical changes in their chemical raw materials as soap making industries. It is generally accepted that consumption

Soap per capita shows the standard of living of people in any country. Soap was actually never “discovered” but gradually evolved from alkaline raw materials and fats. Pliny Sr.

described the production of soft and hard soaps in the first century, but until the 13th century, soap was never produced in sufficient quantity to be called an industry.

Until the early 1800s, it was believed that soap was a mechanical mixture of fat and alkali. Then Chevreul, a French chemist, showed that the formation of soap is actually a chemical reaction.

Duminer completed his work on the recovery of glycerin from saponified mixtures. Before Lublin’s important discovery in the field of inexpensive production of sodium carbonate from sodium chloride.


the need for alkali was provided by soaking wood ash or evaporating water such as the Nile River, which are naturally alkaline.
Soap raw materials

Tallow is the main fatty substance in soap making. The amount of tallow used is about three quarters of all the oils and fats used in the soap making industry and it is a mixture of glycerides obtained by melting solid cow fat with steam.

This solid fat is digested with steam and tallow forms on the water, so that it can be easily collected from the water.

In order to increase the solubility of soap, tallow is usually mixed with coconut oil in a soap making container or a water softening container. Sesame oil (about 20%) is the second most important raw material in soap making.

This oil, which is an important source of fatty glycerides, is obtained from small domestic animals. The oil is refined by steaming or solvent extraction and is often mixed with other fats without mixing.
Maragheh soap

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