Make Cobblestones with Dried Tomato Powder

Tomato powder is one of the very tasty and useful spices that is used in all kinds of foods and gives a great taste and smell to the food.

By preparing dried tomato powder you will no longer need to use tomato paste in food.

Tomato powder gives the same taste and flavor as tomato paste to food, and when you don’t have access to tomato paste or when tomato paste is expensive.

like in winter, using tomato powder can be very economical and suitable for you. Tomato powder is healthier than tomato paste and has many uses.

Consumption of tomato powder
There are many uses of tomato powder. You can add tomato powder to a variety of meals to give your food a paste-like flavor.

One of the uses of tomato powder is to add it to stews and food, and its taste will be much better than the taste that adding tomato paste gives to food. You can add tomato powder to the soup and many spices like ginger, salt, pepper and onion.

How to prepare tomato powder?
Uses of tomato powder
Another use of tomato powder is that you can add it to Nimro and easily turn Nimro into an omelet and enjoy its delicious taste the most.

Without the need to use tomatoes and paste to make an omelette, one of the other uses of tomato powder is that you can add this tasty and colorful spice to different foods and give it a new taste.

For example, you can pour tomato powder on chips or fried potatoes to get the taste of tomato paste and sauce, and tomato powder is also very suitable for Pefila.

Many of you like the taste of Pefila with tomato paste and sauce, and to enjoy this taste, you can add tomato powder to Pefila and enjoy eating Pefila.

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