How to Solve Unemployment with Dishwashing Liquid Target Market

How to make a standard dishwashing liquid?

One of the reasons for the popularity of dishwashing liquid in today’s human life is the mild detergent and good cleaning power of this liquid. Dishwashing liquid can be the best alternative to using other strong chemical detergents.
In ancient times.

by observing personal hygiene and disinfecting their dishes, people came to the conclusion that they could use a mixture of sticks, round bricks, and ash as a cleaner, and because of the good properties of ash in terms of detergent, it was used to clean dishes. The food was decent.

By using ash, mankind was able to disinfect dishes to a great extent and prevent the spread of diseases.
With the passage of time and the progress of science and technology, a great movement took place in the industry of sanitary products and disinfectants.

the production of detergent products at that time made the level of hygiene among people higher and added to the wide range of these sanitary products in the market every day. to be
All the detergent and hygiene products that were sold in the market had their own advantages, but the most widely used detergent product that was very popular among people was dishwashing liquid and handwashing liquid, which found a lot of use among people.

Both dishwashing liquid an target market of dishwashing liquid have the same application in terms of appearance, but as the name of dishwashing liquid is clear.

this liquid is used for washing dishes, because there is a possibility of small particles of food remaining on the dishes. It is not easy to clean, the cleaning power of dishwashing liquid is much higher.
Some acids are used in dishwashing liquid, which may cause sensitivity in case of skin contact. However, in addition to cleaning and disinfecting the hands.

the washing liquid should protect the hands from skin allergies and not cause any complications and skin sensitivity on the hands, therefore softeners such as glycerin are used in the formula of the washing liquid.
Due to the ease of use, availability, high cleaning and disinfecting properties.

dishwashing liquid and handwashing liquid have quickly gained popularity among people to the extent that today there is a dishwashing liquid in every kitchen and a handwashing liquid in every bathroom. It is visible.
Today, in the industry of sanitary products and detergents.

more than a thousand production units are operating, which produce dishwashing liquid and toilet liquid with various brands in the world.
In Iran, for many years, the traditional combination of washing dishes (brick powder, chubak, ash, etc.) has changed its place with dishwashing liquid, and today, using this product is a necessary and useful thing in life.

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