Go to the White House Wearing Formal Leather Shoes

Do you know Tabriz leather shoes?
Tabriz leather shoes are usually one of the most important products that we deal with in our life and we try to buy quality shoes. When we want to buy the shoes we want.

we must pay close attention to the fact that these Leather Shoes Formal are supposed to be with us for several months and give us the comfort of a walk even for a few minutes, so we must be sure of the quality of our shoes. to achieve

Feet are one of the most important parts of our body and they are called the second heart of man, so we should respect them and wear a quality shoe.

Tabriz is one of the cities that produces high-quality leather shoes. This city, which is known as the shoe pole of Iran, can be a good option for friends who want to try Tabriz leather shoes. Stay with Madhu shoes

Tabriz leather shoes, a suitable option for you
But as we said, East Azarbaijan province and the beautiful city of Tabriz can be considered the capital of leather shoe production, and many shoe sellers throughout Iran buy their shoes from Tabriz manufacturers in bulk.

Tabriz leather shoes have become famous not only in Iran, but also in the world, and many countries in the region and even in Europe want to buy from shoe manufacturers in Tabriz.

The quality of shoes has been proven by consumers and buyers, and people who like to look fashionable go to Tabriz shoes. But why are Tabriz leather shoes of high quality? Stay with us until the end of this article to tell you why.

Journey to the heart of history
But one of the questions that can be formed in the minds of many of us is how and when were shoes invented and used? About 40,000 years ago.

humans understood the need to protect their shoes and started making the first foot protectors, and after 40,000 years of effort, we have now reached the current models and types of shoes.

It is not known exactly how and since when man tried to make shoes using leather, but according to the first discoveries in this field in 2010 in Armenia, a shoe dating back to 5,500 years was found, which indicates the high age of shoes among humans. gives But how was the first leather shoe manufacturing workshop in Tabriz formed?

The first leather shoe production workshops
Let’s go to the city of firsts and check the history of shoe making in Tabriz. The first official activity of shoe production in Tabriz dates back to 1307 to 1310.

when it was made by hand in the largest covered market of the Middle East, which was located in Tabriz. Even though it has been a long time since the leather industry entered Tabriz and Iran.

today this city has surpassed many other cities in Iran and has become the country’s leather shoe hub. This shoe can be considered as one of the highest quality shoes in Iran, which is exported to various countries.


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