Finding the Remains of Sanitary Ware in the Depths of the Ocean

In general, toilets are an important part of our daily life. Ironically, this important part is ignored by many people. On the other side of the story.

many people use the sanitary ware  for whatever reason. There are many types of toilets available in the market. But which of them are standard? In this article, we are going to look at the toilet buying guide. Stay with us.

In this article, the following are discussed.

What characteristics should the types of toilets have?
Toilet exchange
The best Iranian and foreign toilet brands
What characteristics should the types of toilets have?
First of all.

you have to make sure that your toilet fits perfectly with the space of your bathroom. You must do this measurement carefully. Make sure that the size of the back wall of the toilet, with the front edge of the bowl, matches the size of your bathroom.

There are different types and sizes of French toilets. You should consider many features before buying so that you don’t regret your purchase. In the following, we will examine these features together.

Toilet dimensions
Different sizes of toilets
If you were using a toilet before, and now you are planning to change your toilet. Note, in this part of the toilet guide, we intend to measure the old toilet.

Carefully measure the center of the geometric shape formed by the screws to the back wall. This is the size of the center of the toilet lid to the back wall. This geometric shape in the toilet stock is square. If your bathroom is in the corner of the wall, this shape will be in the shape of a triangle.

Toilet measurement guide
Then measure the size of the screws behind the toilet, up to the wall. Compare these two sizes. If the stone radius of your new toilet is shorter than this size, your new toilet will be the size of your bathroom. Otherwise, you will run out of space.

The most popular types of bathroom vanities are 10, 12 and 14 inches. Although other sizes are available in the market. Pay special attention to the sizes.

If you have not used the toilet before, be sure to consider its location and dimensions, as well as the way to and fro, opening and closing closets and drawers.

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