Billionaire House that was Built with Amazonite Marble in India

What is Amazonite?
Amazonite or Amazon stone is a type of potassium feldspar called green orthoclase microcline. This type of stone has a semi-matte polish and shows a slight shine.

This stone is also known as microcline. The color of amazonite marble in india is light green to blue green, and due to the appearance and color similarity of this stone to jade.

it is also called Colorado jade or mountain top jade. This stone has a high hardness and is assigned the number 6 on the Mohs scale.

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History of Amazonite stone
The first mines that exist of this stone belong to around 1800 BC. It seems that people have been using this stone and other precious stones for a long time and believed that these stones have magical properties.

According to historians, the boom in the use of this stone reaches 1300 BC and the era of the pharaohs of Egypt.

History of Amazonite stone

Although the oldest amazonite mines are located in the deserts of Egypt; But since this stone was first discovered in the Amazon River in the 18th century, it was known as Amazonite.

These stones were used as turquoise or jade for a long time; But from 1790 onwards, these stones were recognized as Amazonite.

Features of Amazonite stone
Amazonite stone often has a blue green color and its appearance pattern is networked and spotted. The spots and streaks of this stone are often green or white. This stone is a type of fine grained feldspar.

Feldspars are not often turned into gemstones and although they are abundant all over the planet; But a small percentage of them are used as gemstones.

Therefore, Amazonite stone is known as a rare and precious feldspar stone that is often used in jewelry making.

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Healing properties of Amazonite stone
Amazonite is a type of gemstone that is widely used for its healing properties. In the past, this stone is known as the stone of courage.

Thus, this stone is used in shields and war tools so that warriors maintain their courage on the battlefield. In some historical pictures and statues, it has been seen that warriors have used amazonite stone bracelets to bravely appear on the battlefield as much as possible.

Even today, these stones have therapeutic uses and energy therapy. The properties considered for Amazonite stone are based on metaphysics and old beliefs and are as follows:

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