A Woman Made a Beautiful Bed with a Dior Beach Towel

Perhaps the size of the can be considered the most important factor in wisdom.Especially when the purchase is online and you choose from the back of the monitor screen.

In the following, we introduce different and common sizes of bath towels.35×60 bath towels: towels produced in this size are the most popular and best selling type of towels.

27×52 bath towels: Often used as pool towels, these dior beach towel cover the entire body and dry it quickly.

Hand towel with size 16 x 30: suitable for drying hands or head after washing.

The color of the towel
When buying a towel, you cannot ignore the design and color and only pay attention to the quality and price.

You are going to use the towel for many years, so you should choose a color and style that you like.

But in any case, it is better to choose a light color, so that you can tell that the towel needs washing, not from the bad smell, but from the color.

But if your child likes dark colors and patterns for towels, you don’t have to worry about when to detect the child’s towel is dirty.

Experts in biology and pathology at the New York University of Medicine recommend that you should wash a towel after three uses at most.


Towel manufacturer brand
When you visit the market to buy towels, you will see many Iranian and foreign brands.

But this issue should not make you hesitate to buy; Because in such a situation, you should choose Iranian brand towels that are older and better known.

Brands such as bright burqa, Golbaft and art.

What is the difference between a pool towel and a bathing towel?
Many towel buyers face the question of what is the difference between a pool towel and a bathing towel.

The pool towel has high absorbency and covers and dries many parts of the body.

Compared to the bath towel, the pool towel is smaller in size and thickness and can be used for traveling as well.

A body towel can be used like a dress to dry the body.

The size of bath towels can be full length, on the knee or above the knee. These towels will dry all parts of the body quickly, and with the hat they have, they will absorb moisture and make you feel more warm.

Overcoat towels are produced in various designs and colors, in men’s and women’s sizes, and even as children’s undercoat towels.

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