A man whose food was aluminum ate the sub-crop tractor

What should you do when working with a garden tractor?
1- Before starting the engine, make sure that the tractor is in neutral gear and the connecting clutches are opened.
2- If the tractor is operated inside a garage or other enclosure, it should be moved outside to avoid exposure to carbon monoxide that accumulates inside.
3- Before using, check the tractor before operation. Make sure the brakes work properly and the throttle is in good working order.
4- Always check behind you before putting the tractor in reverse.
For more stability, drive the tractor up and down instead of slopes. Reduce speed on slopes, sharp curves and on slippery, loose or muddy surfaces.
5- Before adjusting the device or accessories, turn off the device and switch to neutral gear. Set brakes or take other precautions to prevent equipment from moving. cheapest sub compact tractor Wait for all moving or rotating parts to stop. If accessible, disconnect the spark plug wire (or remove the ignition key).
6- Let the engine run for a few minutes before shutting down.
7- Ask a qualified mechanic to service the tractor regularly.

8- Make sure the seat and steering wheel are properly adjusted for your body. You should be able to reach and operate the pedals without moving your back from the seat.

What should be avoided when using a garden tractor?
1- Do not ride on the hood of the tractor and avoid the pull rod.
2- Do not let other people ride the tractor.
3- Avoid sharp turns, holes, pits, embankments, etc., which may cause the equipment to overturn.
4- Do not park tractors in a place that creates a danger for people.
5- Do not tamper with or remove safety attachments, car guards or safety labels. Use attachments that are designed specifically for the device you’re using and the work you’re doing.
6- Do not drive on sand or rocks when the blades are rotating.
7- Do not leave the tractor unattended. Unless the power is off and the ignition key is off.
8- Do not drive if the PTO is not in use.

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