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Leather jackets are a symbol and expression of rock style and motorcycle riding style in previous decades.which gradually became a popular and popular dress among women and men.

Women’s cow leather jacket are one of the types of clothes that are used by many women.

Both men’s and women’s and coats are available in the market. For men, it is mostly short and up to the waist. And for women, it is generally long.

Women’s leather jackets are in several models on the waist, above the knee, above the knee and below the knee.

whose long models are more welcomed by women than short models. Because matching a long leather jacket is an easier task for women in Iran.

Leather jackets and coats are generally suitable for autumn. Because these coats do not cause much heat in the cold winter.

And also, due to not having a hat, they do not cause heat to the head and neck.

History of leather jacket and its wearingThe wearing of leather jackets and its promotion for the first time dates back to the First World War.


In fact, to the time when the pilots of war planes in Germany used leather jackets to keep their bodies warm at altitude.

In fact, leather was the best option to hold the body. Because it is very durable. And it is the best protector of body temperature.

After the First World War, leather jackets became very popular among pilots. After the First World War in 1928, the first leather jacket was designed and sewn for motorcycle riders.

This leather jacket model was designed and promoted by Irving Scott for bikers and leather jacket in general, which was named Perfecto model because of Scott’s favorite cigar.

In fact, the Perfecto leather jacket was designed and sewn in a special way. which did not allow the wind to enter the motorcycle rider’s clothes while riding a motorcycle.

For a long time, wearing any leather jacket was not considered a stylish person or an interesting and mysterious character. Until the Scott model leather jacket entered Harley Davidson stores.

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