A Hollow Core Interior Door that Controls the Heat and Cold of the Room

The first step in the way of painting a wooden , which you should pay attention to before painting a wooden door, is that first all the dents and bumps on the wood surface, such as hammer marks, dents, cracks, cracks, etc.

Must be repaired. With hollow core interior door simple tips and tricks, you can easily fix these problems before painting the old wooden door. For example, we can use the following three methods to remove the cracks and gaps in the wood surface.

A piece of wood is cut with a triangular cross section, then we apply wood glue and hammer it in the place of cracks and damage.

and then we can use a grater to smooth the protruding parts so that we have a smooth and even surface.

If the surface of the wood only has spills or large cracks, a very practical suggestion to fill the cracks and cracks is to use a mixture of sawdust and glue.


In this way, before painting the wooden door, we mix a little sawdust or wood powder with wood glue, make it into a putty, and repair the cracks and gaps with the help of a spatula.
The third method, which is very new, is the use of epoxy resin or polyester skin and polishing. In this method, you must first pour some resin into a container and add the necessary amount of hardener, and after the solution is ready, pour it on the cracks and crevices until they are completely filled.

Be careful that if the surface of the wood is completely perforated, you must cover the other side with paper glue so that the solution does not spill out from the other side.

Finally, after it is completely dry, you can polish the surface of the wood with sandpaper.

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