A Dog is Looking for Her Owner’s Lamb Leather Bag

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If you are trying to buy a leather bag that is made of natural and high quality leather, it is important to get to know the characteristics of natural leather and read related materials regarding the bag buying guide.

Due to the presence of imitation leather fabrics in the market and their trading as real leather by some sellers, it has become difficult for non professionals to distinguish real leather from fake leather.

In this article, we refer to the related materials about the “Leather Bag Buying Guide”, the ways to recognize a real leather bag, and the points that you should pay attention to before buying.

Important points when buying a leather bag, checking the following points will help you when choosing.

Good quality leather
Leather has three types of classification in terms of quality, which include:

Full grain leather
Full grain leather where the natural structure of the leather such as pores and wrinkles remain in the finished product.

This type of leather has a high price because of the best quality.

Modified grain leather
Grain leather is modified from buffalo leather, the natural structure of the skin is destroyed by sanding it, and it ranks second in terms of quality, and it is also the most available type of leather.

Suede leather

Suede leather has the lowest quality in all types of leather models and is relatively cheaper.

2. The smell of leather
Leather has a specific and pleasant smell of its own, which cannot be imitated.

Fake and imitation leathers either do not smell at all or they smell like plastic.

One of the disadvantages of buying leather bags online is being deprived of this genuine leather identification index.

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